How our staging and marketing will present your home in the best possible light...

Imagine your home at its absolute best, like a bride at the altar, a blinding blur of white lace and glowing expectations.

This is what we want your buyers to see when they take that first step into your home.

We want for them to pause, to stop in mid-sentence -- mid-breath -- to stand still in silent awe as they take everything in.

We want to repair, clean and stage your house in such a way that buyers immediately feel themselves at home, feel a sense of fundamental rightness that communicates without words, "This is it. We found it. When can we move in?"

Everything we do is devoted to presenting your home at its best. We know that everything matters to home buyers, so there is no detail too small to escape our attention. We can be competing against dozens of other houses, so we want to make sure that your home is the most breathtakingly beautiful of "brides," an outstanding value for all to see.

Mother-in-law knows best...

It's hard to see your own home with an objective eye. But if you can imagine how your mother-in-law might focus on every defect in your house, every little last dust-bunny -- then you know what buyers will see.

And that's where we come in. Realtor Cathleen Collins is also a professional home stager. She'll work with you inside your home and out, preparing lists of items that need to be repaired, cleaned, painted -- or donated to charity. We have contractors we use for home handyman repairs, or we can supervise your contractors.

Once the house is in turn-key condition, Cathleen will work with you room-by-room to stage your home to perfection. Staging is more than decluttering and depersonalizing -- although those are very important functions in the staging process. But, beyond that, a properly-staged home will call out to the buyer to complete it. When a home is staged right, the staging itself becomes a vital member of the sales team.

A marketing strategy -- not just a bunch of tactics...

And that's just the beginning of our marketing process.

Once the home is staged, we can start taking pictures -- glamour photos, that is, strategically composed and hand-selected to sell your home. We use a professional photographer for our virtual tours, but we also take hundreds of pictures ourselves. Why? To document the home for the web site, of course -- but the web site itself is built around a much larger strategic goal.

It's common now for Realtors to tell you that they will build a web site for your home. Often this means that they will have some vendor build a site -- basically a few photos and a virtual tour link. The web site we will build for your home will be another vitally important member of the sales team.

Our web sites are as comprehensive as we can make them. Dozens or even hundred of photos, with separate web pages for each room and feature of your home. If we can obtain historic photos of your property, we scan and include those on the web site as well -- along with any historic documents about your house. We have an interactive floorplan made, so that buyers can mentally move in to the home. Our virtual tour includes a virtual remodeling feature so that buyers can explore paint, flooring, countertop and cabinet options. We include the listing, the full-color flyer, any disclosures -- any information we can obtain about the house -- in PDF files. In short, we build the most comprehensive web site possible -- and we continue to add new content to your home's web site as it becomes available.

Here's the marketing question: Why?

Why go to all this trouble? Why provide all those photographs, all those interactive tools, all those documents?

The answer is very simple: When buyers spend time on your home's web site, they are committing themselves to your home. The more time they spend, the greater their commitment. At a minimum, the more time they spend on your home's web site, the less time they have available to spend looking at and thinking about other homes. But we know from experience that our web sites sell homes. Buyers discover everything they love about the home, and they return to the web site again and again.

The strategic value of a coffee table book...

There are dozens of stratagems we deploy to sell our homes, but one of the stand-outs is the coffee table book.

Realtor Cathleen Collins invented this idea, and, at first glance, it seems almost silly. A home has to be very unique, very stately or very luxurious to pull off a coffee table book, so we can't do this with every home we sell. But, where we can, the coffee table book works wonders.

It's not that a coffee table book stops buyers in their tracks -- although it does. It's not that the book establishes that your home is truly unique -- although it does that, too.

Here's what the coffee table book does, what makes it another important member of your sales team:

By building a custom coffee table book for your home, and by leaving it open on the coffee table, right by the sofa in your carefully-staged living room, we are inducing the buyers to sit down. We want them to sit down on the sofa and get comfortable and go through that coffee table book page by page, photo by photo. We want for them to try the house on, and by sitting there with that book they will get a feel for how your home feels to them.

It's not about drawing attention to your home -- it's about commitment...

Our objective is not simply to draw attention to your home. Yes, we're going to build huge custom yard signs for your property. Yes, we're going to promote your home to thousands of people. Yes, we're going to draw as many parties as we can to our open houses. But we're not going through all this just so that buyers will know that your house is for sale. Our goal is not for them simply to look at your house and then move on to the next one on their list. Our goal is to sell your home -- and to do that, we have to get buyers to move into your home in their minds.

Every element of our Strategic Marketing Plan is devised to get buyers to commit to your home. Your blushing "bride" needs a groom, so we're not playing the field, we're doing everything we can to get an engagement ring and a wedding date.

There's lots more that we have to talk about. For example, our way of selling homes can save you time and hassle. We can make your move easier on you -- and on your family. And we never, ever tire of
exploring all the details of our home-marketing strategy. But we need a commitment from you, too.

We want to talk to you about the possibility of being your Realtor. But it's up to you to make the first move. Fill out that contact form in the sidebar or pick up the phone and call us at 602-740-7531 (or 1-800-508-5430 long-distance). We know that we can make you proud...