How our predictable results can make your move more manageable, more secure -- and more fun! -- for your family...

Let's face it: Moving can be a nightmare. It can be a great adventure, too, but the three-headed monster of stress, turmoil and chaos is always lurking about. On top of the purely mechanical and purely financial details you'll have to deal with, there could be no shortage of emotional upheaval.

Inviting Realtors and buyers into your home can feel like daily surgery -- without anesthetics.

And it's just that much worse if a relocation is forcing a deadline on your move. But the real estate market is such that everything will have to happen quickly, anyway.

And no matter how old your children are, a major move is less likely to be a treat for them than an occasion for trauma.

We know how it is. We move dozens of families a year -- but that's a whole lot easier than moving our own family.

Here's the good news: Because we are so focused on doing a comprehensive job of selling your home, we end up making the whole process more predictable. It's still a lot of work, still a lot of stress. But we can at least make the process more manageable -- a tractable problem amenable to practical, easily-managed solutions.

Big things are made up of little things...

The Strategic Marketing Plan we will devise for your home might seem daunting at first glance, but, in implementation, it's simply a series of tasks, each one relatively simple. The cumulative effect is powerful, but most of the individual chores are pretty easy. The fact is that many of the daily routines can be delegated to the kids -- which will give them a stake in making your move a success.

But big task or small, the major event that is the successful sale of your home is a composition of dozens of small factors -- each one critical in its importance, but each one relatively small and easy to manage.

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time...

Because we work the way we do, we can do everything without you if we have to...

If you have to relocate now, we can get your home ready for market while you're on the road.

Or if you're selling a vacation or rental home, we can handle the details while you stay in touch from afar.

Or, heaven forbid, if a family member should pass away, we can handle the real estate portion of the estate all on our own.

We do more than other Realtors as a matter of consistent habit. We love having our sellers involved as much as they can be, as much as they want to be. But if you need for us to handle the sale of your property with limited supervision, we're more than equal to the task.

The best news: A rigorous process, faithfully followed, produces predictable results...

Our houses sell. That's a simple fact. We're not 100% successful -- although we have not missed so far in 2008. But because we do everything we can to launch our properties into the marketplace perfectly -- priced right, burnished to a glow, aggressively marketed -- we stand a much better chance than our competitors of selling quickly and at the highest attainable price. We work harder -- and hard work pays off.

And our hard work pays off for you, as well. We'll get your home sold, and that will help you to plan for your move -- whether you're moving across town or across country.

Will there be stress? You bet. But we'll do everything we can to make your move secure, manageable, and, if we can, fun -- for you and for your whole family.

And the alternative would be...?

For the most part, the Realtors we compete against do none of the tasks we undertake. One of the reasons we document our techniques in such detail is because nobody else does the kinds of things we do to sell a house. It wouldn't matter if you wanted the same kind of service from another Realtor -- it's simply not available.

So what do you get instead? Some Realtors are better than others, but, for the most part, full service from another Realtor consists of a listing, a lock box and a yard sign. You may get a flyer, and your supply of flyers may even be replenished from time to time. You might get a virtual tour -- even though you may never see it yourself.

It's highly likely that your home will be overpriced. Your Realtor will "buy" your listing by telling you that you can get an unrealistic price. This will give you the opportunity to "chase" the market down, with one price reduction after another, each one too little, too late. When you finally find a buyer -- if you ever do -- you'll end up selling for much less than you could have gotten in the first place, if you had properly priced your property to the market.

Your Realtor may give you some staging advice, although you would be amazed at how many don't. You may get a chintzy little four or five page web site -- which may not be promoted anywhere.

What you will mainly get from your Realtor -- even in the most expensive homes -- is neglect. We don't just list homes, we also work with buyers. We know by the evidence of our senses that listing homes for sale, to most Realtors, is simply a numbers game. If they can carry a vast host of listings, enough will either sell themselves or produce viable buyer leads to keep the leaky boat they call a business afloat.

From our point of view, all of this is absurd. We sell homes. That is our job. Everything we do is devoted to selling your home. We're going to throw everything we have into the job. It's what we do. It's how we get paid. And it is our solemn, fiduciary obligation to you.

Does that make us the obvious choice...?

It should be obvious from this web site that we hate the way real estate has been sold until now. But we work from love, not hate -- love of doing this job right, love of getting better and better at selling homes with each home we sell.

We conceal nothing, we skirt nothing. To the contrary, we embrace transparency and our fiduciary duties to our clients with a deep and abiding pride. Do you want to know why our way of working saves you so much time and stress? Do you want to know why our staging and marketing techniques are so effective? Do you want to explore our Strategic Marketing Plan in rigorous detail? We will always share everything we know with you.

But sharing works both ways, doesn't it? We will do the absolute best work we can for you, doing everything we can think of to make you move painless and fun. But we need to hear from you before we can get started on that adventure. Take a minute to fill out that contact form in the sidebar. Or pick up the phone and call us at 602-740-7531 (or 1-800-508-5430 long-distance).

You're not committing yourself to anything -- except, possibly, a happier, less stressful move...