How our comprehensive marketing strategy saves you time and aggravation...

This is the essence of real estate marketing in three words: Price, preparation, presentation.

You can read every detail of's Strategic Marketing Plan, but here is the executive summary: If a home is priced to the market, if it is repaired and staged to excellent condition and if it is promoted properly to the marketplace it will sell. Quickly and for the highest attainable price -- to highly-qualified buyers.

So why are there so many houses languishing on the market? Those same three words: Price, preparation, presentation.

Unless your home is truly one-of-a-kind, you cannot sell it for more than it is worth in today's market. Why? Because your would-have-been buyer will select a similar but properly-priced home instead. You would do exactly the same thing if the tables were turned. What's worse, if your home is over-priced, it may not even show, and if a house does not show, it cannot sell.

But even if you hit the right price target, you still have to be the best overall value. That means that there cannot be any obvious defects in your home -- or, if there are, they must be reflected in a lower price. Beyond repairs, your home must be cleaned top to bottom and staged to a state of glowing perfection. Your battle, now, is to best the homes you are competing against for your buyer's affections.

And even when your home should knock your buyers' socks off, you still need excellent marketing to make sure they know your property is the best value. Why do we build such elaborate web sites? Why do we make custom yard signs and custom coffee table books? Why do we promote our homes to thousands of potential buyers? Because marketing works! We not only want to let buyers know that your home is for sale, we want to induce them to want it more than any others they might see.

We're not in the business of listing houses. Our business is selling houses...

"We feel that you and Bloodhound Realty did an excellent job and we are extremely happy that you selected us as one of your clients. Your diligence and hard work were both refreshing and somewhat unexpected given our previous experience with 'traditional' real estate marketing." --Ken Green, formerly of 1322 East Vermont Avenue, Phoenix, AZ 85014

We know what we're up against. Some Realtors do a little staging. Others mights spend a few bucks on advertising. Virtually all of them are pushovers on price. They figure they can get away with letting you set the price, then get you to reduce your price when the house doesn't sell. Meanwhile, they think hanging a sign in your yard for six long months will bring them buyer calls.

We don't do that -- not any of it. We simply will not list your home for sale if you won't price it to the market. It will not sell, and our business is selling houses.

If you don't want to repair your home to turn-key condition, and if you won't reduce the price accordingly, we won't list it. If it's not in good repair or it's not appropriately discounted, it will not sell, and our business is selling houses.

Every home we list for sale is staged to perfection. Staging is a service that can cost thousands of dollars with other Realtors -- if they make it available at all. We do staging as a part of our normal commission -- no extra charge. Why? Because staging sells houses, and our business is selling houses.

If we agree to list your home for sale, we're going to prepare a detailed Strategic Marketing Plan and then execute it like a military campaign. We know that sound marketing sells houses, and our business is selling houses.

If we meet buyers as a result of listing your home for sale, that's great, but that's not what we're doing. Our business is selling houses and our sole objective in listing your house for sale is to sell your house.

The fact is, our way of selling houses is much more effective at persuading future sellers to work with us, but even that doesn't matter. All that matters to us is getting your house sold as quickly as possible for as much money as possible.

We work our way and our way only -- but we get results, where those pushover Realtors accumulate more and more cancelled and expired listings.

Should we dig deeper -- or cut to the chase...?

If you want to know more, we want to share it. We have a lot more to say about staging and marketing, for example. And making a move like this is a big deal for you and your family. We can talk about how to make that process go smoothly. Or, if you can't get enough detail, we'll tell you everything about our Strategic Marketing Plan - everything we do to sell a home that our competitors, so far, don't do.

But, if you want, we can cut straight to the chase. In Direct Marketing terms this web site is called a "long copy ad." The idea is to keep you reading -- to answer every question, to respond to every objection -- to get you to commit to doing business with us as a result of your having satisfied yourself that we are the right Realtors for you.

So here's the big question: How are we doing?

How much of your time have you already committed to reading this web site?

In your estimation, do we know a little something about marketing?

So let's talk turkey. If you are convinced that we are the right Realtors to get your home sold quickly, for the most money and the least aggravation, then let's get started. Either fill out that contact form in the sidebar to the right or pick up the phone and call us at 602-740-7531 (or 1-800-508-5430 long-distance).

If you need to know more, please do dig deeper by pursuing the other links on this site. But if you know you're ready to get down to brass tacks, we can get started working right away.